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Welcome to Equestripedia - A MLP Wiki. Now, I wish I could say we're the most comprehensive, up to date and extensive encyclopedia of the expansive My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic series, and the entire MLP franchise as a whole and I truly cannot wait until I can say that, but honesty is a virtue. What we are however, is a new and up and coming wiki dedicated to chronicling the entire My Little Pony franchise. From Generation 1 to Generation 4 and beyond! Anyone and I do mean anyone can contribute and share their knowledge, yes, even you, <insert name here>. Don't act like I don't see you.
Important: We changed domains! Our new wiki can be found here. We're currently in the process of transferring information while adding new content.

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  • 10/15/2017: Front page revamped! Still under construction.
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